People seeking mainstream, vanilla-ish hookups seem to be the norm-and this straightforwardness will please many users

People seeking mainstream, vanilla-ish hookups seem to be the norm-and this straightforwardness will please many users

The search function is well-designed. You can filter users by age, ethnicity, and fetish, which is important. You don’t want to accidentally end up meeting somebody who’s into leather if that’s not really your thing. Weirdly, the fetish selections are a little limited. Even if you’re not a particularly kinky person, you could probably think of at least a half-dozen weird sex things that you can’t search for. But on the other hand, this isn’t a fetish website specifically. It’s, well, F*ckBook.

Once you’ve found somebody you’d like to pursue, messaging is easy and looks exactly like Facebook messenger. The site also has a feature called Icebreaker, which is a sort of automatic messenger that contacts people who meet your preferences if you’re too shy to reach out manually. Think of it as a sex-focused virtual assistant.

F*ckBook’s user base is fairly diverse in terms of every measurable factor-ethnicity, age, sexual interest, and so on. Some users maintain blogs, attached to their profiles, where you can read about all their F*ckBook-related exploits. All in all, browsing matches is an entertaining and pleasant experience, especially because the site is really, really explicit. A lot of user profile pictures are like those on other websites, but there are also a lot of nudes and even some hardcore amateur porn. You’re not going to get away with browsing your matches on the bus.

F*ckBook also has an attached cam website, which is, for all intents and purposes, the same as any other cam site — you can look at a lot of girls lounging around in lingerie for free, and you can see a lot more if you’re willing to pay. The selection is good.

It’s perfectly natural, when you join a site like F*ckBook, to wonder whether the whole thing is for real-whether you can just click a bunch of buttons and attain casual sex. And some of the profiles on F*ckBook do seem quite genuine. They’re heartfelt, detailed, and much like a profile you might find on OkCupid, although perhaps a bit less flowery in tone. However, as on Tinder, the site isn’t entirely composed of real people. Some of the profiles are just server-generated bots. To its credit, F*ckBook is actually totally open about this: it marks company-created profiles with a “C”, and clarifies their nature in its user agreement page. But if you get excited about a bombardment of messages from people in your area, it might be entirely composed of automated communications, which is sort of a bummer. Be mindful of this, though, and you’ll be fine.

Overall, the feeling you get on F*ckBook is chaotic, fun, and naughty-not unlike the feeling of going to an actual sex club. If you can navigate the bots, the ads, and distinguish yourself from the crowd of other dudes on the website, you could be rewarded with some easy hookups.

Sign-Up Process

Sign up for a free F*ckBook account in seconds, and email verification happens in a matter of minutes. Also, a free membership doesn’t require giving your credit card or anything-it’s not a trial signup. Very little effort is required in terms of an initial profile, so you can, ahem, get your hands dirty fairly quickly without giving away a lot of personal information. Paid accounts joingy are economical and easily obtained, and provide you with the opportunity to participate in the site in a meaningful way.

Members & Messaging

There are a lot of attractive women on the site. However, there are also a lot of bots. Reassuringly, though, the bots are clearly marked with a “C” (which stands for company profile), so that’s easy enough to get around. Once you find a non-bot you’d like to message, the interface is clean and easy, and messaging is instant. You can get email notifications for messages if you’d like, which is handy, because there’s no F*ckBook mobile app, so maintaining correspondence on the go would otherwise be difficult.

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