Regrettably, i don’t have much borrowing from other Philippine languages

Regrettably, i don’t have much borrowing from other Philippine languages

Quick to adjust and change towards the minutes and demands of their speakers’ society and politics, they got initial lain quiescent in controversies and you can arguments over the delivery and constitution

Maceda (1996) brings up specific Cebuano words and phrases inside her commentary. So pure try the latest insertion, your reader normally contextualize the definition. Atienza, in the same publication used in their text message “pakikipag- lakipan,” the newest rootword of which, “lakip”, is also based in the Cebuano lexicon. In the Up university, that sees Cebuano cues such as for instance “Balay Kalinaw” and “Ugnayan sa Pahinungod.” Carry out more use regarding terms and conditions off their Philippine dialects foster goodwill and you can unity one of several etnolinguistic groups regarding country later on? Becoming a good Cebuano, the fresh researcher seems satisfied one to specific Cebuno conditions are in fact extreme in the federal perspective. Most likely members of disparate ethnolinguistic groups carry out most likely feel the exact same.

At the same time, you can find conveyed illusory hindrances with the idea of good unifying code, in order to wit: (1) there is no way growing a national code from a single off the nation’s 100-and additionally languages; (2) brand new emergence off a nationwide words have a tendency to wither the other languages; (3) it is just as impossible to build a national words centered on two or more dialects; (4) regionalistic pleasure exists more nationalistic aspiration –for instance the Cebuano which claims on having fun with their own language over Pilipino.

But because of the fast linguistic growth of one another Cebuano and Area Manila Filipino, here appears to be hope for Filipino. Referring to manifested on the recognized overlap regarding Pilipino and you will Cebuano because of their respective borrowings from English.

You’re positive that this new converging process will continue, not just for Pilipino and you will Cebuano but at exactly the same time to other Philippine languages eg Hiligaynon,Bikol, Ilokano, Waray, Kapampangan, etc. Language changes try, however, slow and it’ll probably need a decade ahead of a great substantive convergence may appear.What exactly is apparent for now is the fact that overlap is already happening.

“Nasa kalooban ngayon ng Filipino ang paglinang sa “sanyata” on “ranggay” ng Iloko sa “uswag” during the “bihud” ng Bisaya, sa “santing” ng Kapampangan,”laum” from the “magayon” ng Bikol on kahit sa “buntian” ng Butanon in the “suyad” ng Manobo. Samantalay hindi ito hadlang sa madaliang pagpasok ng “shawarma” “shashimi,” “glasnost,” “perestroika,” “shabu,” “megabytes.” “odd-even,” on iba ang idadagsa ng satelayt during the Facsimile sa globalisasyon.”

Some situations are given lower than:

Precisely what does you to make-out from the assertion? Is actually we now to trust your procedure for borrowing from the bank out of other Philippine and you may international dialects is becoming an excellent linguistic truth? Judging in the research gained and you can exhibited here, perhaps this will be only partially true. Which is, borrowing from the bank is practically only about English words. And exactly why is it so? It is hard provide a beneficial substantive answer to that concern, given the restricted range from the study. Maybe you to indication why there is a lot away from borrowing from the bank of English compared to the almost every other Philippine dialects ‘s the business and appropriateness otherwise applicability off English terms and conditions in order to modern day-to-time way of life of one’s mediocre urban Filipino. More so since urbanized installment loans Vermont Filipino is continually exposed to the trappings –high technical, media, an such like.– of contemporary neighborhood hence enters into English as the typical off interaction, commerce, and you will education. In terms of Filipinos residing in outlying communities, the fresh much-getting together with broadcast and tv shows give them the fresh new linguistic trend coming throughout the towns.

Thus is the metamorphosis your federal code, Filipino. However now, thanks to globalization as well as the rising standard of living of your mediocre Filipino, it has, such as the moth, adult embarrassing in to the the cocoon prison and you may longed-for freedom of expression. Much will get but really should be complete, but Filipino as national vocabulary out-of unity will be here.

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