Chakotay requires the woman when the she disliked gardening and hiking whenever she is actually a young child

Chakotay requires the woman when the she disliked gardening and hiking whenever she is actually a young child

For the The fresh new Environment, Janeway is actually growing Talaxian tomatoes whenever Chakotay is released to ask the lady to have an impression on the a yacht he agreements into the strengthening. She shows your the fresh new tomato plant life. She states yes, “Who desired to be mucking regarding the on the dirt when we could well be understanding quantum mechanics? But I find it very rewarding today…” They’re going into the to consider brand new arrangements towards the motorboat, and you can tune in to good com rule from Voyager. Tuvok, from com hook, claims that they have the latest medicine had a need to beat their position onboard and can get to 30 circumstances.

It prepare everything upwards. The newest primate looks, and you may Janeway says good-bye, telling they to feel free to use its protection.

Up to speed Voyager, Tuvok explains how it happened and apologizes to possess disobeying their requests. Janeway grins and you can says, “Easily didn’t know you most readily useful, I’d state your decision try nearly… psychological.” She thank you the fresh new crew then she and you may Chakotay speak about ship’s updates, back in the specialized roles as captain and you will very first officer. Janeway requests Paris to leave within warp 8.

Diary entries

  • “Kathryn Janeway’s personal record, Stardate 49690.step one. Go out twenty four of our stay on the entire world we’ve got entitled The fresh new Planet. As yet I’ve been struggling to make improvements finding a cure for all of our issues, however, a soak about bathtub Chakotay created always assists me personally work on you are able to solutions.”
  • “Pretending Captain’s journal, extra. Once six-weeks, the choice to log off Master Janeway additionally the Earliest Manager behind however generally seems to weighing greatly towards the staff.”
  • “Captain’s journal, Stardate 49694.dos. I have called new Vidiian convoy having guaranteeing overall performance. He has got promised to communicate with Doctor Denara Pel and get in the event the she’s going to allow us to.”

Memorable rates

“I am not sure I will ‘define parameters’. But I can inform you a story, an ancient legend certainly my people. It is more about a crazy warrior who resided their life incompatible the remainder of his tribe. Men exactly who didn’t look for serenity, even after the assistance of their soul guide. For decades he struggled with his discontent. The actual only real satisfaction he ever before got appeared as he was in competition. That it made your a champion one of his tribe, nevertheless the warrior however longed for peace contained in this themselves. One day, the guy with his war class have been seized because of the a surrounding tribe contributed of the a female warrior. She named toward your to join the woman given that the woman group is too little and you may poor to defend by itself out-of the their opponents. Their warrior is actually daring, and delightful. And incredibly wise. The fresh new angry warrior swore so you can themselves that he perform sit of the the lady top, carrying out almost any he could making this lady load lighter. From that point on, her demands do started earliest. As well as in this way, brand new warrior began to be aware of the true-meaning off tranquility. ” “Is that really an ancient legend?” “Zero… but one managed to make it better to state.”

Back toward Voyager in technology, Torres are harshly critiquing Ensign Swinn towards a report, telling the brand new ensign this reads want it try authored by an initial seasons Starfleet Academy cadet, there are numerous problems, and is incomplete. The ensign tries to defend herself of the saying she has become a little distracted. Torres states that is no excuse and you may dismisses Swinn. Kim methods and defends the newest ensign, stating that everyone has already been a tiny sidetracked of the current incidents. Torres feedback one to because their disease can’t be altered, the great thing to complete is to try to “take a breath and you may proceed.” Kim are distressed because of the Torres’ terms and you will treks away.

Tuvok and you may Kes look at the bridge where in the several crew participants was built, together with Kim, Paris, Torres, and you may Neelix. Tuvok says one nobody is able to appreciate the latest burdens regarding order up until they drops on it. “I believe you to generally speaking they demonstrates faulty management as directed by ideas regarding good distraught team. Yet not, since captain, I need to not overlook the sensibilities of these I order.” The guy says to them he’s got made a decision to put an application getting the fresh new Vidiian convoy. He requires complete responsibility into decision and you may absolves new crew regarding people consequences to own failing continually to obey Janeway’s requests.

Group work their opportunities. As Voyager moves out, brand new burst disables the new Vidiian vessels. Within warp 6, Voyager brains back again to The new Planet.

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