After Scorpius attained his courage and asked Rose aside, but she refuted, giving him a somewhat appearance of pity

After Scorpius attained his courage and asked Rose aside, but she refuted, giving him a somewhat appearance of pity

Within the adopting the decades, Scorpius, that has good smash to your Rose, attempted to woo their towards the multiple days and also to beat the lady distrust from him, but in order to no get and this led to have a tendency to uncomfortable himself and Albus in the process.


Early in this lady fourth year, on Hogwarts Express, Flower tried to get in touch with Albus and also to enhance their relatives, who’d become increasingly stressful because the Albus got trouble from inside the Hogwarts in contrast having Flower and has also been growing aside out-of his family members. To obtain his appeal, she tried to take part in small conversations, telling your that Ministry today contributed by their mom recently confiscated an occasion-Turner, a narrative and therefore significantly curious Albus who remaining to share they having Scorpius.

not, once the Albus reached the new area he shared with Scorpius, Flower observed him, seeking to talk to him, however, Albus understood that Rose was indeed acting on the girl parents’ behalf and quickly informed her to go away your alone. Enjoying Rose, Scorpius attempted to flirt along with her once again, advising the woman that she smelled like “fresh turf and fresh cash” prompting Rose to go away.

Later, Albus and you can Scorpius flew returning to this new Triwizard Event, seeking to avoid Cedric Diggory’s passing, using the Big date-Turner they had stolen regarding Rose’s mom and you can helped from the strange Delphini. But not, their measures fundamentally changed the brand new timeline and you may prevented Ron and you can Hermione out of losing crazy, erasing Rose and her brother of reality, a fact hence greatly upset Scorpius. Afterwards, once they remedied the errors and you will discovering that she was back, Scorpius attempted to kiss an enthusiastic unknowing Flower immediately after she called your “Bread head”, but she banged your throughout the shin.

Rose did frequently silky a little immediately after Scorpius with his dad helped the lady household members to quit Delphini, once they discovered that she was manipulating the two males into the an attempt to bring back the lady miracle father, Lord Voldemort. Although not, Scorpius was pleased, seeing Rose’s stare as indicative you to definitely she are are receptive to help you their improves and also as the first step of its future with her. Actually, as he was recounting they so you can Albus, Rose approved by and you can talked so you can Albus and you can an effective surprised Scorpius, in advance of contacting your “Scorpion King”, their nickname in the a special facts and then he was preferred, and you will leaving which have an entertained laugh.


Flower is claimed having inherited her dad’s red hair, [3] your own hair the colour famously common because of the the Weasley clan. Whenever Albus and you can Scorpius travelled back through day, Scorpius mistook an earlier Hermione for Rose, hinting there try a strong resemblance anywhere between Rose along with her mother.

Identity and attributes

Flower is considered has actually passed down her mother’s cleverness, for example Hermione’s rumoured photo memories. [7] It absolutely was and detailed one she put on this lady robes just before expected, for example the lady mommy did from the the girl ages. In the event the this lady father’s encouragement to conquer Scorpius Malfoy academically [7] had any impact, she might have and additionally turned into rather aggressive and you may academically advanced level eg her mommy. She seemed to be quite next to the woman relative Albus Potter, who had been a comparable years and which common the girl nervousness regarding in which he’d getting arranged in school. When she started to King’s Mix Channel Albus try “tremendously treated” observe her, and you may Rose smiled at the your. [7] Flower embodied only a little bit of the girl mommy – Flower is ambitious; and because the girl mommy was Hermione Granger, definition she got a lot to live on upwards, regarding completion. She is comparable in order to the girl mommy on proven fact that she place numerous pressure towards herself and how she simply wished to carry out the proper topic. Rose was like the lady mommy, however, safer and much more grounded. She came to be to a beneficial wizarding family and you can knew their set internationally.

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