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michael finkelstein credit junction

Twenty-three years earlier, a defectively designed industrial machine caused a catastrophic injury to a Pennsylvania machine operator. The machine manufacturer did nothing to fix the hazards created by the defectively designed machine.

  • Several focus groups were conducted and explained how the surveillance did not show the client was exaggerating her injuries at all.
  • The pick-up truck driver drives off leaving her on the ground in the rain.
  • Our client, a New Paltz woman, underwent surgery to repair muscle damage that occurred during the birth of her second child.
  • Its headquarters is located at New York, New York, USA. The number of employees ranges from 25 to 100.
  • Our office immediately sent an expert to the house and properly documented the faulty work by the contractor and framer as well as the shoddy repair work by the landlord.
  • While removing slate tiles, our client slipped off the roof and fell 15 feet to the ground.
  • While standing 6 feet up on an 8 foot ladder at a construction site in Goshen, NY, a 52 year old carpenters ladder slipped out because the footings were removed and no tie off was given.

The case was handled by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein and Managing Attorney Melody Gregory. A 16-year-old student attending Newburgh Free Academy who was a passenger in a car that left the road and caused serious physical injuries. She had multiple broken bones that required several surgeries and extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation. The medical treatment resulted in our client missing most of her tenth grade and he had to repeat it the following year. Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein worked with the firm’s team of trial lawyers and was able to settle the case at a mediation. Our client will receive $13.5 million over her lifetime for injuries sustained. Michael has been an operational and financial executive at primarily high-growth companies within the technology, financial services and infrastructure industries for the past 15 years.

$100,000 Arbitration Award : Washingtonville, Ny Car Crash Victim

The case was settled at mediation by Trial Partner Ken Fromson and Managing Attorney Elizabeth Wolff. A distracted driver crossed the center road and hit a car with four adults in it. All of the adults were injured, but the passenger seated behind the driver took the brunt of the impact. Being 6’4” and riding in a compact car resulted in our clients head striking the top of the car. The force of the impact split his skin on his forehead leaving a significant scar. The defense claimed had our client been wearing his seatbelt he would not have sustained an injury at all.

michael finkelstein credit junction

And/or held executive positions across companies within the technology, financial services and infrastructure industries. 40-year old union worker, while on job, slipped and fell from an elevated walkway to the highway below. Our attorneys successfully argued that lack of site safety caused the accident. When a martial arts trainer was asked to teach basic restraint moves to elementary school teachers, he chose our client to demonstrate a basic restraint move. Rather than slowly demonstrating the move, the instructor flipped the 40-year-old woman over his hip landing her on the ground without any warning and injuring her back.

$125,000 Settlement Before Trial : Motor Vehicle Accident

After sleeping the whole next day, he started to develop severe headaches – just what he didn’t need since he had several prior concussions when he worked as a paramedic at a ski slope. The insurance company eventually agreed to settled the case for $495,000.

  • When our client walked into the bathroom at work, there were no cones or warnings that the bathroom floor had just been mopped.
  • Finkelstein & Partners lawyers are Super Lawyers and several are members of the exclusive Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.
  • As result of that choice, our client was dragged several feet and suffered serious burn injuries.
  • Even though there was no visible property damage to our client’s car, the 43-year-old mother of one suffered a serious injury to her neck that required a fusion surgery.
  • Our client was driving a forklift and loading the last two pallets onto a trailer.
  • The trucking company’s insurance company agreed to settle the case for $750,000.

As a result of the crash, our client suffered painful injuries to her neck and back which eventually required surgery. When our client from Stony Point in Rockland County was exiting the Seaford Oyster Expressway in Nassau County, Long Island, she brought her car to a stop. While waiting for traffic to open up, the car behind her was driving distracted and struck her in the rear. Being that she was so far from home, and because she did not have any broken bones, she chose not to get immediate medical attention. As too often happens, instead of the stiff neck and back getting better over time, both got worse. Unfortunately the distracted driver only had the minimum insurance coverage, $25,000 which we collected.

$1 5 Million Settlement : Communication Specialist Accident

On commercial properties, the owner of the property is also required to make sure all safety devices are used during construction. The call caused our client to suffer a broken arm and “burst” vertebrae in his low back. The case was settled prior to trial for the full $1,000,000 of available insurance. Our client was severely injured when a Newburgh man backed out of his driveway in such a rush that he didn’t even look behind him.

While money can never replace a loved one, given New York laws limitations, this was one of the largest recoveries for a wrongful death case of a teenager. TCJ combines technology and data intelligence with traditional asset-based credit metrics and offers up to $7.5 million in capital availability. The TCJ platform captures, integrates and analyzes financial data to better manage risk and extract deeper insights into the health of a business. Since its launch in May 2015, TCJ has helped America’s suppliers, manufacturers and distributors access the capital they need to achieve their growth objectives. While towing a log splitter behind a pick-up truck, the driver wanted to make sure the tail lights were working properly so he pulled off Route 17 in Upper Saddle River, NJ, into a service station. After parking in the service station, the pick-up truck driver got out and walked to the back of his truck.

michael finkelstein credit junction

Our client was standing 60 yards down the field talking to some friends when a water balloon struck her in the face causing her to lose an eye. The school should never have allowed kids to stand within the landing zone of these water balloons.

Rubicon Announces Innovative Financing Program For Its Hauler Network Through Partnership With The Credit Junction

Following her death, the father did not actively bring the children and the Court made a substantial award for lack of religious guidance. Our claim involved the defective design of the commercial lawn mower, which allowed the operator to raise and lower the guard without ever leaving the seat. Our engineering expert indicated that this design violated the standards in the industry for commercial mower safety and the defective design was the direct cause of the injury to the boy. Finkelstein & Partners also claimed that the landscaper failed to police the lawn for objects before mowing. The case was settled at mediation which will pay the child the total certain amount of $4,087,077.00 over the course of his life.

Unfortunately, a few years earlier our client had another car crash that injured his low back and those injuries required two surgeries to his lumbar spine. This crash aggravated those injuries and caused a new injury to his shoulder. Fortunately, our client purchased $500,000 Underinsurance as part of his car insurance policy. This enabled him to pursue up to $500,000 from his own insurance if the car that caused the crash had less insurance than him. The insurance on the car that blew the stop sign only had $100,000 of insurance. After collecting the full $100,000, we pursued the $400,000 available from our clients own insurance company.

The impact was directly to his right leg and caused multiple fracture legs. He was airlifted to the hospital where, after several hours of surgery, his leg was saved. We immediately investigated the crash and found two witnesses who confirmed the driver of the car passed the stop sign without stopping. We immediately started a lawsuit to hold the reckless driver accountable.

The fact that it was raining and the fact there was so much traffic should have been an indication to the other driver to take caution. Our client’s vehicle was hit with so much impact he suffered excruciating injuries that severely impaired his ability to complete day to day tasks. This case was handled by local counsel in Connecticut and Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein. Our client injured his shoulder, which was particularly difficult since he is a professional painter.

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Ther personal injury team responsible for handling this case included George Kohl, Andy Spitz, Edward Steves,Kenneth FromsonandManaging PartnerAndrew Finkelstein. When Port authority found a hole at the bottom of a stairway, rather than fix it, they put a thin metal plate over the hole without securing to the ground. When our client stepped on it, the metal plate slipped out causing him to fall on to both knees, tearing the quadriceps in both legs. Multiple surgeries were required and our client now requires a cane to walk. Had the Port Authority properly secured the metal plate, the fall never would have happened. The Port Authority agreed to settle the case just before jury selection for $1,625,000. Andrew G. Finkelstein, managing partner, and firm partner Kenneth Fromson, obtained a settlement of $12,750,000 for our injured client on the day the jury was to be selected.

  • Shockingly, our client was served a hard-boiled egg which caused her to choke to death.
  • Matt has spent his entire career helping build, scale, and optimize the internet’s top advertising exchanges and has overseen trillions of transactions.
  • Finkelstein isa 15-year veteran of startups, beginning in Silicon Valley just a couple of years before the dot-com bubble burst.
  • Our client, a 53 year old Oneonta, New York resident, was driving on SR 28 in Milford, NY when the defendant turned left in front of her, causing a head –on crash which totally destroyed her vehicle.
  • There was no handrail and she fell into the fence when her ankle buckled.
  • Ther personal injury team responsible for handling this case included George Kohl, Andy Spitz, Edward Steves,Kenneth FromsonandManaging PartnerAndrew Finkelstein.

As the cement garage floor settled in their New Windsor, NY house, the landlord saw the support column in the middle of the garage was no longer connected at the top. Rather than pay for a contractor to properly affix the column, the landlord simply tried to nail the column to the ceiling.

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$350,000 Settlement : Motor Vehicle Accident

Our 53 year old clients neck snapped back and her right knee slammed into the center consol. Initially she thought the pain would go away but it gradually got worse and worse. The distracted drivers insurance company refused to offer more than $45,000 of the $100,000 policy.

After the depositions of all the parties, the Telephone Companies insurance company agreed to mediate the case. At the mediation, the case was settled by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein for $1,950,000.

Chapter 15 Cost-volume Profit CVP Analysis and Break-Even Point Introduction to Food Production and Service

Cost-Volume-Profit – CVP Analysis Definition

The number of units produced equals the number of units sold. CM ratios and variable expense ratios are numbers that companies generally want to see to get an idea of how significant variable costs are. Add these costs together to calculate the variable cost per unit. For example, the sock manufacturer may say they are taking $10 in direct material, $10 in direct labor and $20 in overhead to manufacture one set of socks.

Remember that there are additional variable costs incurred every time an additional unit is sold, and these costs reduce the extra revenues when calculating income. In this equation, the variable costs are stated as a percent of sales. If a unit has a $3.00 selling price and variable costs of $1.80, variable costs as a percent of sales is 60% ($1.80 ÷ $3.00). Using fixed costs of $300,000, the break‐even equation is shown below.

Accounting for Managers

Calculate your company’s total fixed costs by adding up the costs of things like marketing, salaries, rent and insurance. Start by distinguishing your fixed costs and your variable costs, then start calculating all your production costs. Subtract your production costs from your variable costs, and multiply the number by the number of produced units.

Cost-Volume-Profit – CVP Analysis Definition

This break-even point can be an initial examination that precedes a more detailed CVP analysis. Besides the cost aspect, the sales revenue aspect is also not reliable regarding its non-variability at all levels of production. Selling prices are often lowered down with increased production in effort to boost up sales revenues.


In the actual life of any business organisation, the operations undergo acontinuous process of growth and expansion. There will be no change in manufacturing methods and product specifications. The index chosen should not be affected by factors other than volume. In C.V.P. relationship study one must define volume or activity accurately. It helps to find out the sales required to meet proposed expenditure. This analysis presumes that efficiency and productivity remain unchanged. In other words, this analysis presents a static picture- of a dynamic situation.

Cost-Volume-Profit – CVP Analysis Definition

To ascertain the selling price/sales volume which will yield the desired return on capacity employed. C.V.P. analysis helps to ascertain the amount of overhead costs that could be charged to product costs at different levels of operation. Contribution margin is the amount by which revenue exceeds the variable costs of producing that revenue.

What is a break-even analysis?

In the firms that have a high ratio of fixed costs as compared to the variable costs, the operating leverage is good because it produces a high contribution margin. Similarly, higher fixed sales also mean that the company has a higher breakeven point. A higher breakeven point is directly related to the financial success of the company because at this point, the company can claim high profits at a much higher rate.

Contribution Margin Definition – Accounting – Investopedia

Contribution Margin Definition – Accounting.

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Analysis of cost-volume-profit relationship helps in decision-making. There are situations when management has to decide whether it should add to its capacity or not. With the knowledge of cost-volume-profit analysis, a manager can easily take decision showing, in its report how utilization of available capacity will lead to increase in profit.

Cost Accounting

This is the quantity of products businesses sell during a specific period. Changes in expenses occur because of changes in activity level. Read this article to learn about the concept and importance of cost-volume-profit analysis.

  • This analysis presumes that efficiency and productivity remain unchanged.
  • There will be no change in the firm’s efficiency or productivity.
  • Any business organization has to make a lot of decisions regarding their price, their costs, and products, fixed and variable unit costs and so on.
  • CVP analysis includes the entire gamut of profit planning, while break-even analysis is one of the techniques used in this process.
  • In point of fact, however, these are uncertain and hence, cannot be predicted with accuracy.
  • The angle of incidence – The angle formed by the sales line and the total cost line at the break even point is known as “angle of incidence”.

Instead, you have to spend money to make money, since raw materials have cost. And chances are, you’re not interested in just making one of something. Show bioKevin has edited encyclopedias, taught history, and has an MA in Islamic law/finance. He has since founded his own financial advice firm, Newton Analytical. KnowledgeBrief helps companies and individuals to get ahead and stay ahead in business. Master excel formulas, graphs, shortcuts with 3+hrs of Video.

Limitations of CVP Analysis

The studies based on cost-volume-profit relationship make it possible to visualise the probable results of proposed or expected changes on cost, volume or price. Companies are often tempted to reduce prices on existing products in an effort to increase volume. This analysis presumes that fixed cost remains constant over a given volume range. It is true that fixed costs are fixed only in respect of a given capacity, but each fixed cost has its own capacity.

Why is cost-volume-profit analysis important to managers in their short term decision making process?

Importance of CVP Analysis:

The CVP analysis is very much useful to management as it provides an insight into the effects and inter-relationship of factors, which influence the profits of the firm. The relationship between cost, volume and profit makes up the profit structure of an enterprise.

This analysis presumes that volume is the only relevant factor affecting cost. In real life situations, other factors also affect cost and sales profoundly. Break-even analysis becomes over­simplified presentation of facts, when other factors are unjustifiably ignored. The break-even analysis either covers a single product or presumes that product mix will not change. This analysis presumes that costs can be reliably divided into-fixed and variable category. To suggest the change in sales mix for obtaining maximum profits. It helps in making short-run tactical decisions, e.g., shift working, acceptance of special order, choice of sales-mix, etc.

Cost-volume-profit analysis is used to determine how changes in costs and volume affect a company’s operating income and net income. This concept reviews strength and weaknesses of the analysis and outlines its main principles. These are linear because of the assumptions of constant costs and prices, and there is no distinction between units produced and units sold, as these are assumed to be equal. Note that when such a chart is drawn, the linear CVP model is assumed, often implicitly. The break-even chart shows the relative importance of the fixed cost in the total cost of a product; and if the fixed costs are high, they can be controlled by the management. Thus, it is a managerial tool for control and reduction of costs, elimination of wastage, and achieving better efficiency.

What are cost volume profit techniques?

Cost Volume Profit (CVP) analysis is a managerial accounting technique that is concerned with the effect of sales volume and product costs on operating profit of a business. CVP analysis is the relationship among cost, volume, and profit when output increases units cost of production decrease vice versa.

The Accounting Tutor has a great resource for CVP and break even analysis. Between these two videos, you will get a great overview of these concepts to help you better understand as we move through this module. The first step required to perform a CVP analysis is to display the revenue and expense line items in a Contribution Margin Income Statement Cost-Volume-Profit – CVP Analysis Definition and compute the Contribution Margin Ratio. Finally, profit is the amount of money that you want to make selling these goods. Chances are that you didn’t get into business just because you didn’t have anything better to do. However, unless you happen to find a shrub that grows dollar bills, you know the old adage that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Main Objectives of Cost Volume Profit Analysis

On the other hand, smaller angle indicates the lower P/v Ratio and therefore, higher Variable Cost Ratio. The chart becomes very complicated and difficult to understand, particularly for a non-technical man, if the number of lines or curves depicted on the graph are large. No conclusive basis or guidance for action is provided to the management by the technique of break-even analysis. Break-even analysis is very helpful for forecasting, long- term planning, growth and stability.

  • This makes the breakeven point all the more significant because this is the grey line between making losses and earning profits.
  • This knowledge is very useful in preparing flexible budget.
  • It assumes that variable cost fluctuates with volume proportionally, while in practical life the situation may be different.
  • There will be no change in manufacturing methods and product specifications.
  • The knowledge of cost-volume-profit relationship can be of substantial help in pricing.
  • This analysis presumes that fixed cost remains constant over a given volume range.

These are the costs that change as the quantity of products changes. Examples of variable costs include raw materials and direct labor. The CVP analysis is very much useful to management as it provides an insight into the effects and inter-relationship of factors, which influence the profits of the firm. The relationship between cost, volume and profit makes up the profit structure of an enterprise. Hence, the CVP relationship becomes essential for budgeting and profit planning. Cost-volume-profit analysis is a technique used to determine the effects of changes in an organization’s sales volume on its costs, revenue, and profit. In accounting and business, the breakeven point is the production level at which total revenues equal total expenses.

Cost-Volume-Profit – CVP Analysis Definition

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